Soap of love, Return of affection, Being loved. You have the impression that nothing works for you, that you are unlucky, that you need faith, that you lack love and that you need material or spiritual help. The first spiritual law is self-knowledge in love, ability, determination, thought, imagination, visualisation, potentiality, self-confidence and trust in God. Each person must examine himself or herself in order to know himself or herself better in love, strength and weakness. Let us remember that without divine love and faith in God you can do nothing, you can achieve nothing and there is no hope for you. You need to believe in the power of God and with a little faith you will move mountains and obtain many things naturally or with a little help from nature, prayer, etc. With a natural push, you will know the self and happiness. God has given each plant therapeutic virtues to heal the body, soul and spirit. There are plants that have positive vibrations and inspire affection, love, radiance, self-confidence, others have negative vibrations and inspire hatred, conflict, division, despair, fear, lack of self-confidence, some plants are neutral, others have both negative and positive vibrations depending on certain conditions (harvest time, prayers, incantations, environment, etc). Through the law of similars each plant transmits what it has received naturally from God who created plants for the use of mankind. The plant that inspires fear will transmit fear and the plant that inspires love will transmit affection. The man or husband who has no love will never give affection in the long run and the man who has a lot of love will give you affection. You can only give what you have. You have to be in a good disposition of receptivity to optimise the positive vibrations of nature and this is how the science of our fathers works. Whether you believe in it or not, it is like that and you will almost always get results as long as you are on the right path. Don't do anything against nature such as taking someone's husband, preventing someone from claiming a debt, preventing someone from succeeding, dividing or causing a divorce, creating discord in a home, making a fortune illegally, taking someone's place out of jealousy, like killing or stealing, but do everything out of love and for the glory of God because we will all be accountable on the day of judgement. Some of what you do or think will always come back to you as a curse or a blessing. If you wish misfortune to others you will receive part of it as a curse and if you act out of love for the good of others you will always be a happy man, a blessing from God until the fourth generation. There are only laws and principles that govern the visible world and the invisible world, because the spiritual world has its universal constitution. It is men who change their constitution all the time to govern and dominate others, God's constitution does not change. It is the same yesterday, today and forever. It is immutable and we must respect God's constitution dominated by love by always acting with love. We must always act out of love for the good of all in order to leave a good spiritual legacy for our descendants. Although good and evil coexist within us, let us always give priority to love and charity in all our actions in thought, word and deed. Let us always avoid being the downfall or misfortune of others.

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Soap of love, Return of affection, Being loved. La Tisane N°182: Love soap, Love soap, return of affection is very effective to attract and influence a desired person, to facilitate the return of the loved one. You can also protect your couple, fight jealousy, nastiness and put an undesirable person out of harm's way. Thanks to this soap you can stabilize your home in crisis, on the brink of collapse and avoid divorce. The wife or husband who stretches the rope will quickly understand and forgive. This soap softens hearts and makes it possible to live in peace as a couple and in association. It is a soap with magnetic power that attracts the opposite sex: the man will make women love him and the woman will make men love or even adore him with many precious gifts. Good for those who are looking for a soul mate. This soap also facilitates trade and business. Good radiance soap.

Herbal tea 182: Love soap, Savon d'amour, retour d'affection is very efficient to stabilize a home and avoid divorce.



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Therapeutic effects.

Soap of love, Return of affection, Being loved. La Tisane N°182: Love soap, Return of affection attracts positive vibrations and helps psychic healing. It will help to stabilize a home in crisis, to regain the joy of life and the joy of being together. This soap in normal use brings strength of life, unites hearts, brings the joy of being in a couple, attracts joy and money. It attracts the soul mate and also promotes feelings for marriage.
Soap has excellent cleansing and purifying properties, cleansing the place from bad influences and the evil eye, with many beneficial effects on a psychological and emotional level. Thanks to this soap, you can attract and influence a desired person with a view to marriage. You can also protect your couple, fight jealousy, malice and put out of harm's way an undesirable person and the couple's bad counsellors. This restores peace, understanding and mercy in a couple . This soap also facilitates trade and business. Good radiance soap.


Incomprehension as a couple, threat of divorce, quarrels, need for inner peace, need to cleanse one's environment, need to keep a witch doctor away, need for help, need for inspiration, fear situation, need for peace at home, need for social ascension, return of affection, to be loved as a couple, etc.

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Herbal tea 182: Soap of love, Return of affection, Getting loved

Soap of love, Return of affection, to make oneself loved and avoid divorce. Discover the simple things that will soothe your home, your married life.

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Soap of love to avoid divorce to be loved.



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