Dietary supplements, live food, organic products

We eat badly, we live badly, we are artificial men because everything is distorted and nobody is sure of what he eats except in the countryside.

Our diet needs dietary supplements for its balance and do not hesitate to contact us before deficiencies occur in an insidious manner or otherwise. Take care of your health right away.

  • Herbal tea 005: Natural tonic, dietary supplement 

    Natural pick-me-up, dietary supplement. What to do when you need a booster, a pick-me-up? Please read and discover in order to make the right decision

    • 1 rating

    5,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea N ° 006: Powder of life (monkey bread or baobab)

    good food supplement.Baobab fruit powder is an excellent dietary supplement. Powder of baobab fruit is panacea for many diseases. Everybody can use for her health.

    • 2 ratings.

    20,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea N ° 002: Moringa leaves

    Moringa is the plant with a thousand virtues, but what part to use.Prayer to discover with precision the useful parts and virtues of this precious tree.

    • 23 ratings.

    5,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea 009: calcium iron zinc, natural supplements

    Calcium iron zinc it is the best natural supplements. Of more it is easy to use by everybody.It is simple solution for many diseases.

    • 1 rating

    30,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea N° 13: Powder tonisex E premature ejaculation

    Effective against the premature ejaculation, the sexual impotence,

    • 4 ratings.

    50,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal Tea N ° 019: powder tonisex GP makes penis enlarge

    The tonisex GP powder makes the penis enlarge in a short time.

    • 15 ratings.

    50,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea N°28 : Supersex, original kankankan, natural viagra

    Delay ejaculation, Recipe to bandage hard for a long time. Herbal tea to fuck better. Herbal tea to hold on during intercourse. Please discover the secret.

    • 22 ratings.

    50,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal Tea 029: Anti-fatigue, natural stimulant

    Anti-fatigue. Herbal tea is a good natural pick-me-up. Good for stimulating the brain and overcoming school laziness. It gives good results. Pray to know more about it

    30,00€ excl. tax