Herbal Tea 295: Natural Treatment for Male Hypogonadism

Hypogonadism, what are the consequences for sexual performance in men and women? We invite you to discover the remedies

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Definition of Male Hypogonadism, Treatment

Hypogonadism or gonatropic deficiency is an insufficiency of the gonads (ovary in women and testicle in men) in the production of hormones and reproductive cells (sperm in men and egg in women). In men, it is called male hypogonadism, which is a defect in the male reproductive system causing a loss of function of the testicles. The immediate consequence of hypogonadism is a testosterone deficiency with associated symptoms such as a decrease in sperm production and a decrease in sexual performance. It can result from an abnormality of the testicles (primary hypogonadism) or a disorder of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis (secondary hypogonadism). Herbal tea 295 is made for herbal healing of this primary or secondary deficiency.

Functions of Gonads in Man

A gonad is a sexual organ of reproduction for the production of sex hormones and reproduction in men (testis) and women (ovary). It contains the reproductive cells, the gametes: the oocytes (or egg) in the ovary and the sperm in the testicle. These organs play an important role in the reproductive system. Without gonads there is no reproduction in both cases (man and woman). In mammals and normal human beings, the gonads are present in pairs. This is why the word is used in the plural in most cases.

The gonads have two functions:

To produce gametes: spermatozoa.

Producing hormones: testosterone, estradiol, anti-mullerian hormone, progesterone, inhibin B

NB: The human sperm is the reproductive cell (or gamete) of the human being. During fertilisation, the sperm unites with an egg, the female reproductive cell. Testosterone is a steroid hormone secreted in men by the testicles through the hypothalamus. Often associated with action, dynamism, power and above all virility, this androgenic hormone contributes greatly to the development of male attributes. 

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Herbal Tea 295: Natural Treatment for Male Hypogonadism

Natural Treatment for Male Hypogonadism

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Natural Treatment for Male Hypogonadism


In case of male hypogonadism, the man will be confronted with various problems: sexual impotence, premature ejaculation, small penis, atrophy of the testicles, decrease in muscle mass, weakening of the bone tissue, appearance of sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, male infertility, insufficient semen, azoospermia, etc... Testosterone deficiency, impotence... We offer you herbal tea 295 which correctly treats the majority of cases of hypogonadism in men. Don't be afraid and don't wait for death or the total atrophy of the testicles before you manifest yourself.

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Herbal Tea 295 against Male Hypogonadism is rich in micronutrients and stimulating elements: proteins, iron, carotenoids, zinc, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, restorative elements. The natural solution Hypogonadism in men awakens the testicles and facilitates their regeneration.

-Powder in bags of 50g.


-Plant extracts (Adenia lobata, afzelia africana, tribulus terrestris, acridocapus, turrea héritepholia, adansonia, cola cordifolia, etc)

Active ingredients

-Micronutrients: vitamins from the B, C and E group, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, plant hormones, amino acids, resins, etc.

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Herbal Tea 295 is rich in micronutrients and sterols. The natural remedy increases testosterone levels, strengthens vitality, physical and mental endurance. The natural male hypogonadism treatment stimulates the testicles. The sterols and phythormones (plant sex hormones) of the product induce a stimulating and energetic activity that positively influences the hormonal action of the genital organs (oestrogen, testosterone, etc.). In fact, the phythormones it contains act both on the central nervous system and on the glands with internal secretion with hormonal correlations and thus combat very effectively the decrease in libido, impotence of endocrine or psychic origin in emotional subjects. The product also strengthens muscle tone, restores physical strength, cures nervous exhaustion and senile psychosis. The miro-nutrients present in the product (zinc, copper, iodine, magnesium, starch, amino acids, etc.) combat fatigue, frigidity, sexual impotence, revitalise, increase physical and sexual energy. So you have elements that excite you, that stimulate you and others that give you energy and balance your organism. These vasodilating and balancing substances (tannins, oligo-elements, starch, caffeine, theobromine, etc.) stimulate the parasympathetic centre of the uro-genital organs which supplies the erectile nerves of the penis with the stimuli for erection. A good remedy to make up for the lack of testosterone in men.


Hypogonadism: Decreased libido, dislike of sex, impotence, sexual weakness, testosterone deficiency, male sterility, etc.

Directions for use: Read the leaflet

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Note: For male sterility, herbal tea 50 must be combined with it. Elderly people should associate herbal tea 56, prostatex A.

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