What is a Babesiosis?

Babesiosis is a disease of parasitic origin caused by a protozoan (parasite) of the same family as the Plasmodium family which is responsible for malaria. There are about a hundred species, including Babesia microti, Babesia duncani and Babesia theileria equi. These protozoa begin their development in the lymphocytes (white blood cells) and then infect the red blood cells until they burst. This disease is very similar to malaria with aggravated symptoms (fever, extreme tiredness, insomnia, night sweats, chills, dark or red urine, anuria, violent headaches, cranial pressure, fever, respiratory distress, etc.).

How a Babesiosis Manifests Itself

Babesiosis has the same symptoms as malaria and includes : fever, extreme fatigue, night sweats, strong chills, very dark or red urine, anuria, headache, headache, cranial pressure, respiratory distress syndrome, episodes of depression, dizziness, vomiting, bleeding, anemia, swelling of the spleen, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, petechiae, bruising, jaundice, pulmonary edema, myocardial infarction, anorexia or encephalopathy. Symptoms may vary in number and intensity from one patient to another. It is rare and extremely rare to find all these symptoms in the same patient.

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Plants and health, treatment of uterine fibroids

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET for Babesiosis Natural Treatment.
Natural Solution Against Babesiosis
Presentation of Babesiosis Natural Treatment

-Powder in sachet or 50g jar

Composition of Babesiosis Natural Treatment

-Plant extracts (Cochlospermum , trichilia, argemone, cauliflower, Sida acuta , Artemisia annua, Cryptolepis sanguinolenta)

Active ingredients of the Babesiosis therapy

-Tannins, cinchona, natural artemisinin, etc.

Price: 30 €.

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African medicine focuses on fieldwork, drainage and sanitation of the human environment. The herbal tea against Babesiosis includes not only specific plants against Babesiosis, but above all depurative plants which have the role of ridding the organism of toxins, parasites, weakened or put out of action.

Herbal Tea 298, due to its composition, is rich in active principles of proven effectiveness against Babesiosis such as Aids acuta, Artemisia annua, etc. It contains antipyretic elements such as cailcedrat and kaya senegalensis, which fight the feverish attacks that are typical of sickness attacks, while the other elements act on the parasite, ensuring immediate relief and a sure cure in a short time.  Even in cases of neuromalaria, the herbal tea remains effective. The depurative and diuretic elements facilitate the evacuation of parasites and toxins.

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