I have a Fibroid, what is it?

Health through plants to eliminate a fibroid naturally. A fibroid of the uterus is a benign tumour that develops in the uterus internally or externally. It is also called fibromyoma, myoma, meiomyoma of the uterus. Fibroids appear in women nowadays after the age of 22. The fibroid is under the influence of the woman's hormones, Progesterone in deficit and estrogen in excess. However, other causes can also cause fibroids in the uterus. The signs of the disease, the prescribed examinations and the proposed treatments for uterine fibroids are discussed. 

Healing with Plants: How to remove a Fibroma without a knife

From the point of view of Phytotherapy (Health through Plants) we have developed a soap to quickly eliminate all forms of fibroids and myomas. The treatment empties the uterus of its bad contents in one month and at the most in three months. The natural remedy to remove a fibroid with Health Through Plants works quickly if the uterus still has healthy tissue. But if the uterus is invaded it is better to go through surgery to remove the entire uterus (hysterectomy). In this case there is no longer any hope of getting pregnant and you adopt a baby.

 Health by La Plante Faced with a Fibromatous Uterus

 A uterus known as polymyomatous or fibromatous means that it is a carrier of several fibroids, and treatment with the plant remains possible if you wish to have a baby. Please write to us for a better appreciation of your situation. We will tell you in all sincerity what is feasible.

Natural Plant Care

Healing with plants or Phytotherapy. Phytotherapy offers solutions for treating oneself with plants. Whether it is to eliminate a cyst, a myoma or a large fibroid, phytotherapy (judicious use of medicinal plants), allows to remove an internal tumour in a natural way.

Herbal teas 10, 111, 202 and 203.


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Herbal Tea 300: Health By The Plant, Fibroma Treatment Fibroma Treatment

You have a fibroid and simple recipes to eliminate it. Don't waste time. Act quickly and very quickly because the fibroid grows with each passing one.

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what is it?   I have Fibroma Health By The Plant Fibroma Myomas Fibroma Treatment

Health Through Plants: Different types of Fibroids. Contact Us

Three Types of Fibroids , Natural Remedies Internal Tumours Fibroidsinternes Fibrome

Types Of Fibroids, Fibroids Treatment Medicinal Plants

Types of Fibroma of the Uterus and Plant Health

Fibroids are more or less solid tumours measuring several centimetres and weighing several grams. There are three types of fibroids

Submucosal fibroma: it protrudes into the uterus and is responsible for bleeding and infertility.

Interstitial fibroma: it is embedded in the uterine muscle. It can cause pain, heaviness and infertility.

Sub-serous fibroma: it protrudes outside the uterus. It can cause pain and heaviness.

Localisation des fibromes utérins

Note: Herbal tea 300 is a soap that absorbs fibroids from the outside. It is a good natural remedy in the context of health through the plant.

Fibroid Myoma Treatment Fibroid Risk Factor

Causes and risk factors of uterine fibroma

The cause of fibroids is probably hormonal, lifestyle and poor diet. Herbal tea 300 eliminates fibroids in a short time.

Signs of Fibroma Presence

Not all fibroids cause symptoms. Indeed, some are asymptomatic. There is no link between the symptoms and the number of fibroids: a single fibroid can be very large and embarrassing. A fibromatous uterus may not give any signs. Fibroids are often discovered by chance during an examination carried out for sterility or other reasons. The uterus has signs that the woman should consult her doctor quickly in case of:

-Bleeding between periods or prolonged periods (hypermenorrhoea).

-Menstruation too heavy or Menstruation too painful

-Unexplained pain in the lower abdomen;

-Urinary signs such as frequent urges to urinate (there is compression of the bladder);

-An impression of gravity in the small pelvis without any real pain;

-An increase in the volume of the abdomen indicates that the fibroma is growing.

-abundant blood loss at the time of menstruation (menorrhagia). Menstruation gradually approaches, lasts longer and may be accompanied by blood clots,

-bleeding between periods (metrorrhagia) that causes anaemia

-a feeling of weight in the small pelvis, more or less painful,

-Frequent urges to urinate due to the volume of the fibroma

-the perception of a mass in the lower abdomen,

-constipation often caused by compression of the colon

-painful sexual intercourse depending on the position of the Fibroma

-Infertility following the positioning of the fibroid

Anaemia due to bleeding between periods or heavy menstruation.

Note: If you observe one or more of these symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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Myoma Fibroma Treatment Click on the image to find out more

the 3 types of fibroids, Natural Remedy Remove Myoma

Herbal Tea 300 To Remove A Fibroid Naturally, Medicinal Plants

Presentation of Herbal Tea 300 Natural Remedy, Health Through Plant

Herbal tea 300 is a soap composed of astringent and absorbent plants. The soap acts from the outside and is safe. The soap is applied to the lower abdomen and acts quickly. It is a good Natural Fibroma Remedy and can also be used as a preventive measure.

Price of the Fibroma Removal Soap Therapy Price

The soap weighs 100g and costs 100 euros or 65500 fcfa or 125 us dollars.

Directions for use of Tisane 300 for Drying Fibrome

Empty the soap into a bottle and add one litre of water or one litre of lemon juice. Shake the mixture well. See the rest of the instructions

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Please have a look at the list of the products

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Natural Treatment Fibroma Myoma of the Uterus

It has been found that active women are less prone to uterine fibroids. It is therefore advisable to practise a sporting activity regularly. 

16- Herbal tea 10 is a good remedy Read more about herbal tea 010 

17- Herbal tea 111 accelerates the destruction of tumours. Read more about herbal tea 011

18-Therbal tea 110 dries the fibroids from the outside by massage. Read more about herbal tea 110

19-Make a cure of cider vinegar over 21 days at a rate of one teaspoonful in a glass of water, three times a day.

20-Boil 200 g of pearl barley porridge, pour in 30 to 50 ml of clover flower decoction. Stir in, wrap in a cotton cloth and put on the lower abdomen. Do this once a week once a day.

NB: We have Herbal Tea 203: Herbs to eliminate fibroids naturally et Herbal Tea 202: Product to dry up the uterusHerbal Tea 010:is a good remedy to remove fibroids naturally .

In the case of large fibroids, you should combine herbal teas 010, 110, 111 and 223.


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