Kidney disease. Discover the best natural kidney failure remedy cures kidney failure naturally. This is a natural remedy for healing kidney failure and diseased kidneys. Indeed, the proposed Natural Kidney Failure Treatment consists of Sansevieria liberica (mother-in-law's tongue), lannea acida, anona senegalensis, turmeric, boswellia (incense tree). You will also find kidney-friendly plants that treat renal insufficiency. Indeed, an extract of turmeric and boswellia (incense tree) stimulates the renal function in patients suffering from chronic renal disease.

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Herbal Tea 375: Kidney Disease Natural Treatment Kidney Failure

Damaged kidney. Here is a good natural kidney treatment to repair the kidneys. Indeed, the herbal tea cures kidney failure naturally

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Kidney Failure Natural Remedy Details Kidney Failure

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Kidney Failure Natural Remedy Data Sheet

Duration of Treatment with the Natural Remedy Kidney Failure

The treatment lasts, between 6 months and one year of treatment. Start the treatment as soon as the diagnosis of kidney failure is made. Don't waste time. You have a unique remedy to get you out of this situation

Presentation of the Natural Remedy Kidney Failure

-Powder in sachet or roots in 50g pot

Composition of the Natural Remedy Kidney Failure

Extracts of antioxidant, depurative and diuretic plants (mother-in-law's tongue, dandelion, annona senegalensis, etc)

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Acute Renal Failure and Chronic Renal Failure

The kidneys malfunction and no longer filter the blood. You have acute renal failure which can develop into chronic renal failure if nothing is done. Acute renal failure is easily manageable if a well-controlled water treatment is carried out. Chronic renal failure, on the other hand, corresponds to an irreversible malfunction of the kidneys, which no longer filter waste correctly. It is distinguished from acute renal failure, which can occur as a result of infection or dehydration, and can be cured with a simple water treatment. Chronic renal failure is mainly caused by hypertension and diabetes, more rarely by heart disease, pyelonephritis, stones and certain chemical or natural medicines.  But 373 and 375 herbal teas are available to repair your kidneys. The treatment works in almost 95% of cases


Effects of Kidney Failure Natural Remedy

This natural remedy for kidney failure is a gift from God with a formidable effectiveness against kidney failure. It is not a relief but a real cure for kidney failure.  It is enough that the patient manages to take the decoction orally or as an enema for one or two years. Most patients have been cured of the disease after one year of treatment.

Duration of natural kidney disease treatment

The treatment is long but effective. It takes three months of treatment, renewable as many times as necessary; three to five times with regular control of serology, transaminases etc. The herbal tea works regardless of the stage of the disease

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Plants That Cure Kidney Failure Naturally

The plants that are friendly to the kidneys and combat chronic kidney disease are: turmeric, incense tree, locust bean gum, cherry stalks, pterocarpus erinaceus, nauclea latifolia, Detarium microcarpum, corn stover, etc. The latter have depurative and diuretic principles, useful in the treatment of renal insufficiency.

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Which plants are good for renal failure?

Dandelion is the first of the kidney-friendly plants thanks to its draining and decongesting qualities. It stimulates the kidneys and liver and helps reduce water retention. An excellent detoxifier, dandelion offers a better circulation of energy in the body. There is also annona senegalensis, turmeric, corn stover, goldenrod, bearberry, nettle, etc. Mother-in-law's tongue is the best plant for treating renal failure and repairing the kidneys. Lannea acida is effective against nephritis and mild insufficiency

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How to stop kidney failure?

To stop or slow down the progression of renal failure, it is particularly important to control blood pressure, which must remain below 130/80 mm Hg, and to maintain proteinuria below 0.5 grams per 24 hours. The natural remedy renal failure or herbal tea 374 remains the best natural treatment that cures renal failure. For a good therapy you should combine herbal teas 373 and 375

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How to cleanse the kidneys naturally?

To cleanse the kidneys, you need to drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins that are harmful to the kidneys

-Take a cure of olive oil, honey and lemon juice

-Take beetroot on a daily basis

-Eat watermelon every day, between 500g and 1 kg of watermelon

What foods are not recommended for kidney failure?

Reduce raw vegetables, pulses, potatoes, crisps, chocolate, nuts and fruit

What foods are good for the kidneys? Natural Kidney Treatment

Foods that are good for the kidneys are those with a lot of potassium

Oranges, bananas.

Dried or candied fruit, bananas, apricots, avocados and melons

Potatoes, tomatoes.

Brown and wild rice.


Dairy products.

Whole wheat bread and pasta.

Beans and nuts.

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