Herbal tea N ° 007: Fagara, the immuneconstituent.

Fagara is a good immune component.

Herbal tea N ° 007: Fagara immunoreconstituant


Yellowish powder in a transparent sachet.

-Weight: 50g


- Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloids ( Fagara).

-Securidaca longepunculata

-Aframomum meleguette.

Active ingredients

- Alkaloids, lignans, phenol, amide, phenol acid glycoside (3-dimethylallyl 4-methoxy-2-quinone skimmianine, Berberine, Chélérithrine, Artarine (9-ethoxychélérythrine) Angoline (9-methoxychélérythrine), fagaronine, Fagaricine, magnoflorine , N-methylcorydine, N-methylisocoydine, Tembétarine, Candine-6-one, Fagarol, Sésamines, Xanthoxylol, N-iso-butyldécadiennamide, 2hydroxyméthylbenzoïque acid, vanillic acid, para hydroxybenzoic acid, methyl salicylate, etc.

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The therapeutic effects of the powder

The powder is a real immunoreconstituent,  antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anthelmintic effective against poison control infections caused by staphylococci, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, Candida albicans, etc. It purifies the blood, cleanses it of its toxins and cleans the ground. It fights many internal pains, internal and external sores, abscesses, boils and gynecological infections.


Angina pharyngitis, sickle cell anemia, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, abdominal pain, gastroenteritis, jaundice, intestinal parasites, intestinal worms, vaginal discharge, amenorrhea, inadequate rules, painful menstruation, infertility in women, gonorrhea, urethritis, flu, aches, tooth decay, Gingivitis, abscess, scabies, chronic wounds, boils, headaches, edema, snake bites, etc.

Side effects

- spicy taste

- sometimes a slight irritation that passes very quickly.

Instructions for use

- The powder is consumed in a mixture of cereals or simply.

The powder can also be taken in a homogeneous mixture of honey.

--In During the meal and twice a day, take a teaspoon of powder mixed with a bit of your meal or add twice daily a teaspoon of the powder to the sauce, juice or another.

- For the affections of the mouth, chew a long teaspoon of the powder.

--Powder can also be taken as a decoction or infusion. In this case, infuse or boil a teaspoon of the powder into a cup of water and drink. Operate well for mouthwashes in oral complaints and diarrhea.

--For External diseases (scabies, external hemorrhoids, abscesses, boils, sores, etc.), making a homogeneous mixture of powder and shea butter then spend the ointment obtained on the diseased parts.

- For a teeth maintenance, chew a pinch of the powder a long time each morning. Give this to chew your kids from time to time at sunrise and at bedtime and they will never suffer from decay or gingivitis. The whole family will always have a good breath.

-If you have the happiness to have the roots I advise you to make a toothbrush for the family .. You and all your children always have healthy teeth and a good breath. In addition the dentist will have nothing to do with you unless you invite him to dinner.

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Herbal tea N ° 007: Fagara, the immuneconstituent.

Fagara,fagara leaves, fagara roots. It is a natural antibiotic, very effective in cases of lowered immune defenses and chronic diseases.

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