Natural Sinusitis Remedy 

Treat Sinusitis Naturally. If you're looking for a good sinusitis remedy, then you've come to the right place. We have a combination of herbal teas for sinusitis healing. Natural Sinusitis Treatment is a good herbal tea for sinusitis. This remedy is not a simple sinusitis relief. It does cure sinusitis and don't hesitate for a second to get some for a definitive cure. In fact, the treatment works 100% and be reassured. The Herbal Tea 065: Sinusitis, a natural remedy to get rid of it quickly is a solution to cure sinusitis for good. The herbal tea Sinusitis, natural remedy to get rid of it works better with the herbal tea 1 super steam bath balm and the herbal tea 66 in inhalation. Local treatments are mandatory to clear the nose and accelerate the detoxification process. It is a comprehensive treatment that ensures a quick recovery.


-powder in sachet or in jar of 50g.

Composition of the Herbal Tea 065: Sinusitis, To look after the Sinusitis naturally.

Absorbent plant extracts, antioxidant, etc.

Active ingredients of the Herbal Tea 065: Sinusitis, To look after the Sinusitis naturally

- Tannins, heteroside, etc.

   Price : 30 €.

Therapeutic effects of Herbal Tea 065: Sinusitis, Treat Sinusitis Naturally

 Herbal Tea 065: Sinusitis, To treat Sinusitis naturally is rich in anti-inflammatory elements, anti allergies, antibiotics, astringent, absorbent, depurative, immunoreconstituent.    Herbal Tea No. 065: Sinusitis, natural remedy facilitates detoxification by draining toxins, drying and regeneration of the sinus mucosa in a short time. The micronutrients in Herbal Tea No. 065: Sinusitis, natural remedy quickly up the weak and strengthen the natural immune system. The flow of sinus which is good for the body will continue until the complete elimination of toxins responsible for sinusitis.


Sinusitis, headache, head cold, sinus problem

 Instructions for use :

Boil one tablespoon of the powder in one liter of water containing a clove of garlic, let cool and filter. Keep in a cool place. Drink half a glass, 3 times a day. Add the juice of a ripe lemon when hot. Three months of treatment renewable two to four times. Healing assured.

Herbal Tea N°065: headaches, headache, head cold, sinusitis, treat sinusitis naturally

Sinusitis, treat sinusitis naturally for a definitive cure. Good remedy for rapid healing of sinusitis in all its forms

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headaches headache head cold sinusitis treat sinusitis naturally



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