Multi-healing natural remedy  is a herbal tea to heal everything except death. It is a universal panacea. It is truly a multi-healing herbal tea, a complex of plants that work in symbiosis to heal the human being at all levels: mental health, physical and spiritual health. Herbal Tea No. 070 is a panacea, multi-healings, multi-healings to treat chronic diseases. It is a complex of antioxidants, immunoreconstituents, antibiotics, depuratives able to purify the body, regenerate the cops, regulate and protect the body. Now if you suffer from varicocele click here to discover a recipe. You are a woman and you have blocked tubes, so click on unblock.

The Herbal Tea N°070 : polyguérisons is a good remedy for all diseases except death.


-powder in sachet or in 100g jar


-Plant extracts

Active ingredients

-- Micronutrient, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, zinc, copper, vitamin C

  Price: 100 €.

The therapeutic effects of Multi Healing Herbal Tea are numerous. Indeed, the Herbal Tea N°070: poly cure is a good remedy for all illnesses except death The Herbal Tea N°070: poly cure is a good remedy for detoxifying and purifying the body by ridding it of waste and toxins responsible for almost all diseases of modern man. The modern man lives badly, eliminates badly and the body is too negatively charged.  The herbal tea N°070 Polyguérison is at the same time an excellent food supplement rich in micronutrients, antioxidants, immunoreconstituent elements. It brings many vital elements to the body of the weak, depressed, malnourished, pregnant women, growing children, the elderly, sick, HIV-positive people, convalescents, etc.. It is a food-drug (alicament). The herbal tea N°070 Polyguérison regulates the rate of minerals and vitamins in their right proportion. Nothing too much and nothing less. The herbal tea N°070 Polyguérison brings to the organism of the weak, the sick, many antioxidant elements, immunoreconstituant. Therefore the herbal tea N°070 Polyguérison strengthens the immune system, ensures a growth, a renewal and a normal development. The body, once well clean and well strengthened is able to defend itself against the invasion of foreign substances and pathogens (bacteria, microbes, viruses, yeasts, etc.) ...

Herbal Tea N°070: Multi-healing natural remedy

Multi-healing herbal tea to do everything. It is a complex mixture of plants that work in symbiosis. Please discover the remedy and the plants in question

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