How to defeat Bedwetting, Nocturnal Enuresis, natural remedy 

Stop bedwetting adult, Stop nocturnal peeing, Stop enuresis. You can cure your disease naturally. This simple and easy to drink herbal tea will make you stop bedwetting very quickly. It is a tested and proven remedy. Have no fear... Herbal tea 071: Bedwetting, Nocturnal enuresis, natural remedy. The remedy N°071: Bedwetting is intended for older children and adults who continue to pee in bed. These are people who are unable to control urination while sleeping. The reflex to wake up and go pee somewhere else does not work properly. The Herbal Tea N°071: bedwetting is a radical remedy against the evil. If you suffer from a disease of unknown origin, then chew on HEALING to find a solution to your problem. Click on SINUSITY if you suffer from sinusitis.  If you are then looking for a panacea, please click on HEALTH to discover this all-purpose remedy.


-powder in sachet or 50g jar



-Plant extracts

Active ingredients

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The therapeutic effects of Remedies 71 to stop bedwetting are extraodinary. Indeed, the Herbal Tea N°071: Bedwetting is an antidiuretic astringent intended for older children and adults who continue to pee in bed. The Herbal Tea N°071: bedwetting strongly reduces the nocturnal micturition and blocks the secretion of urine during nearly 8 hours of time, that is to say all night long. The Remedy: Bedwetting reduces kidney activity by reducing the amount of urine produced in the body during the night by the kidneys. This causes the bladder to fill up with less urine during the night.  The herbal tea is rich in vital potassium which is a mineral essential to the proper functioning of the body in general and the kidneys in particular. Bedwetting is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction and the proper functioning of the kidney function.  It works wonders and the reflex to pee in the night will come very slowly even before the end of the treatment. Please click on important to discover a recipe.


Pee in bed

 Instructions for use :

Take one teaspoonful during the evening meal.

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Herbal Tea N°071: Bedwetting, Nocturnal Enuresis

Bed-wetting, natural remedy. Stop bed-wetting. Your older child can stop bedwetting naturally. Please discover the recipe

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  • Precious
    My daughter Lora of 20-year old has just stop bedwetting thanks to your herbal tea. Big up to Mr. ZOUGNON And his team.

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