Varicocele Treatment That Works 

Best Natural Remedy Varicocele that heals once and for all varicocele or testicular varicose vein. The Best Natural Varicocele Remedy is a cream made of plants, shea butter and essential oils. It is a miracle remedy that heals varicocele or testicular varicose veins. We have had great success with this cream in the natural treatment of varicocele. Discover the remedy that will cure you and save you from surgery. This remedy restores a man's fertility. At ZOUGNON, varicocele is a family therapy and this healing formula has been passed down from father to son for generations. My father passed it on to me and I have also shown it to my children. If you come across a ZOUGNON in your search for a cure for varicocele be very reassured. 

The therapeutic effects of the Best Natural Remedy for Varicocele but what is Varicocele? Varicocele is a unilateral or bilateral varicose dilation of the veins (varicose veins) that surrounds the spermatic cord located in the bursae, above and around each testicle. This dilatation is the consequence of a malfunction of the valves located in the veins. Blood can no longer flow properly up the veins to reach the larger veins such as the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. Part of the blood escapes and stagnates in the veins, swelling them and this is a dangerous hindrance to sperm migration. This is one of the causes of male infertility, especially when the varicocele is bilateral.

Discover the Best Natural Remedy for Varicocele, Cream Treatment. Herbal Tea 074: Varicocele Natural Remedy for Varicocele is a cream. This cream treats varicocele. This natural remedy to treat varicocele is vasculoprotective and veinotonic. It successfully treats varicocele by strengthening the valves located in the veins of the spermatic cord. Indeed, the role of the veins is to make the blood flow back to the heart with a non-return effect thanks to the valves, but it happens that the valves fail and function less well. The blood then tends to stagnate in the veins, which causes swelling and varicose veins. The role of the astringent and active elements of plants is to tone the valves. The veins become tonic and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins to reach the more important veins such as the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. Plants remain a good solution before surgery. Especially when the varicocele is in its early stages and the bursa has not grown too large. In any case, you should always try. 

Presentation of the Varicocele Treatment that Works

-Ointment in sachet or 50g jar


-Plant extracts

Active ingredients of the Best Natural Remedy Varicocele

-- -Strongly astringent, vasoconstrictive and depurative elements, tannins, flavonoids, etc.

  Price : 20 €.

Best Natural Remedy for Varicocele. Herbal Tea N°074 Natural Remedy against Varicocele successfully treats varicocele by strengthening the valves or valves located in these veins of the spermatic cord. The astringent elements it contains tone the veins, activates the circulation in the small vessels and prevents the blood from stagnating. Its depurative elements relieve the liver and facilitate the drainage of toxins. A varicocele detected in time and well treated allows the man to regain all his fertility.

Indications of the cream that cures varicocele

Varicocele, varicose veins in the testicles, male sterility of origin a varicocele.

 Directions for use : Read the leaflet

Probable Causes

-Constipation over a long period of time.

-Standing for many hours

-The practice of violent exercises that solicit the muscles of the pubis and the perineum without appropriate support.

- Problem of constitution of non-tonic flaccid veins (congenital cause).

It is recommended to wear firm non-synthetic underwear, to avoid heat sources, hot baths.

Regular cold baths of the testicles, a 5-minute bath, two to three times a day.

- Apply cold water compresses to the testicles for 10 minutes.

-To sleep in a position that facilitates a tilt of the testicles towards the heart, facilitating the flow of blood to the heart.

-You should remove all hot foods, alcohol, coffee, tea and all exciting drinks, as well as tobacco.

- Prefer a diet rich in raw vegetables without tobacco or alcohol.

-No sexual intercourse for a reasonable period of time, in order to keep the veins at minimum service

NB: Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, varicocele and venous insufficiency are all diseases related to veins and it's all about

Herbal Tea N°074 : Varicocele cream, natural remedy

Best Natural Remedy for Varicocele for a definitive cure. We have achieved great success in the natural treatment of varicocele

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